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Our Story

Tao Kae Noi USA

Our Story

At Taokaenoi, we believe that our love and passion for what we do makes a difference in our products. We use carefully selected ingredients to make our tasty seaweed snacks, which is why Taokaenoi is the largest seaweed manufacturer in Thailand, with more than 65% of the market share. It is our goal to continue to create new products for the world market.

You may not have heard of Itthipat Peeradechapan, but you must know Taokaenoi Seaweed. Itthipat is the founder and CEO of Taokaenoi Seaweed. Our company is not only the No. 1 rated seaweed brand in Thailand, but is also exported to more than 37 countries. Itthipat's story has also been made into the movie The Billionaire. The name Taokaenoi comes from a joke Itthipat’s father made many years ago that little Itthipat was a kid doing business like a boss. Our logo, the Little Boss, represents that story.


Itthipat was a typical boy who loved to skip school and play video games. However, in 2002, his family struggled financially and the family debt exceeded 40 million baht, which inspired his ambition to help his family from their troubles.


After that, Itthipat experienced a series of difficulties while working to find a solution, and finally discovered an original and tasty idea for seaweed. He focused on an innovative cooking method and flavor as a selling product and sought cooperation with the popular 7-Eleven branch of stores to sell his product. Itthipat relied on complete self-study and research, and never gave up on his idea, successfully putting Taokaenoi seaweed on 3,000 7-Eleven shelves. In 2010 and 2011, the net worth for Taokaenoi was more than 1 billion baht. Today, Taokaenoi continues to build on our founder’s dream of creating inventive and delicious seaweed snacks and selling them to happy customers all over the world.



Tao Kae Noi is committed to developing high-quality products for the global market.


  • Produce nutritious products for consumers

  • Manufacture products that meet consumer needs

  • Develop innovative products using modern production technologies

  • Build brand awareness to create consumer interest

  • Treat employees, suppliers, and consumers like family

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